I feel like I’m watching my best friend die.

How to math 101

Good gosh look at him.

Maybe this is why they never let me edit the school news. Tomorrow will be fun ;D

Can someone tell me how to change the dashboard icon to the TARDIS?

That’s what I like about Eleven. Nine and Ten spent so much time angry and torn apart by all the lives lost because of things they couldn’t stop. They drove themselves mad with rage and sadness that the Eleventh came along. I think he really has gone mad now, but he’s happier. He’s so mad that he sees more beauty in the universe now. The mad man in a box.
I love every Doctor, but this is what I like about Eleven.

I just heard David Tennant liked Fireflies. I could just see Ten in his TARDIS dancing around to it.

Owl City: I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly...
Doctor: *stops singing* Technically, compared to the rate of other planets, the Earth is actually relatively fast due to the fact that it only takes 24 hours when most planets take a lot longer than that because the gravitational pull from the sun is weaker on them since they are so much further away from the sun.
Rose: ...
Martha: ...
Donna: ...
Captain Jack: ...
Owl City: ...
Earth: Thanks, doc.

David Tennant is so attractive it hurts.

If Tumblr had a convention:

Sometimes I wish the Doctor existed.

The way he made Donna realize just how brilliant she is was beautiful.

I need someone like that.