okay yeah ten and eleven together in the 50th will be full of sass i get that but no one has mentioned ten and clara interacting

i mean

imagine the bossy sass just oozing from those two

this could get messy

The Doctors

              You see a blue box on the corner of a street. You remember the stories told long ago of a traveler who had no home other than this box. How he could change faces and was understood to recently have his Ninth. They were just stories, you thought. That is, until a man in a leather jacket steps out, takes your hand, and whispers “Run”. You’re whisked away into a world of fantasy you’ve never known. Nine takes you to far-away places and long forgotten times. He’s harsh, but you trust him nonetheless. He shows you such strange things but describes them as “fantastic”. You run with him into a battle until suddenly he’s snatched away from you and replaced with a stranger in a trench coat. You’ve been knocked off your feet, dazed and confused, not entirely understanding.
                “Regeneration,” he says, “it’s the curse of the Time Lords.”
                He helps you off your feet and you brush yourself off. You take this one’s hand and hold tight, telling yourself you won’t let him get away from you as easily as the last. You can see Nine in the distance and you give a wave goodbye as Ten gently pulls you away and into his story. You grow fonder of him in every passing moment and find yourself falling in love. He has such passion and charisma and you two are attached at the hip. You stay together for such a long time that it seems it will never end. You’re with him through the worst heartaches and the best laughs. You’re there with him even when his friends have come and gone. As Ten and you run, you dare not look over your shoulder. You know what’s coming. You can see it out of the corner of your eye. The end.
                You can see it lurking in the shadows. Ten can see it too but is determined to fight back. You want to believe he can do it. Your gut wrenches as you watch him fight; knowing you can do nothing to save him. You’re clutching to him as all the forces of the universe are trying to rip him out of your hands. You scream as he’s being pulled away and scramble for anything to hang on to. Anything that will prevent him from being taken away. Finally, he’s jerked from your grip and you’re left lying on the ground. With tears streaming down your face, your heart ripped out, and an “allons-y” echoing through your mind, you decide to not become attached again. You watch this silly man sauntering away with his bow tie and suspenders, claiming to be the same man you so dearly love. Nine is so distant now but Ten is still rather close. You don’t want him to fade as Nine has.
                You sit up, wipe away the tears, and watch Eleven. You catch yourself smiling from time to time at his silly little antics and his clumsy feet. You decide follow him around and hardly notice as you wrap your arm around his. You two are children playing in open space and not even the laws of time restrict you. You learn all too soon that the childish persona is merely a mask for the dark anger hiding beneath. You’ve seen the guilt and pain and rage seep through from time to time but it doesn’t scare you. You simply hold him closer to your heart and desperately pray those monsters away. You can’t bear to see him in pain. He has become your best friend and you want to be there for him as he has been for you. You watch as he grows and changes. He’s so much older now but all you see is your childish friend. His losses have taken a toll on both of you, but you’re still in one piece. Until that all too familiar feeling strikes.
                It’s still distant but close enough to drain all color from your face. You run to Eleven and hug him tight. You want him to promise he’ll never leave you. He says:
                “Cross my hearts.”
                 You know he can’t promise that. Even he, deep down, knows as well. But you both hold tight to that promise because it’s all you have. You bury your face in his shoulder and wait for the end. Nine and Ten are even further away now and you know Eleven will soon be like them. All you can do is cherish these last few moments as he whispers in your ear:

i am okay. everything is fINE *cough* fine. it wasn’t as bad as last time because i have grown to love eleven and last time he was unknown to me.

i do, however, require someone bring me cookies and milk and cuddles because my hEAAART. 

oh that was awful. bloody awful. never again.

UPDATE: Started crying halfway through part 1 but otherwise came out unscathed. Cuddling my TARDIS blanket and about to dive into part 2. Goodbye friends. I don’t believe I’m going to make it.

Here we go. About to watch The End of Time.

I need a hug.

The Waters of Mars is seriously my least favorite episode for so many reasons

guys im only an episode and a half away from The End of Time and im freaking out

the last time i watched TEOT i cried for 4 days and was depressed for 2 weeks 


i’m having a deep internal struggle because i’m excited to get to Donna but i know that at the end of s4 Ten regenerates and /gross sobbing

the struggle is real